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March 10th, 2009

George Street Grocery

7:00 PM till they kick us out!

    The last meeting went so well we decided to have another one!  

    Like the last meeting, this one focuses around the whole 1 dollar longnecks concept at George Street (though, to be honest, you have to stay until nine before that happens).

    Unlike the last meeting, I promise a bit of forethought and preparation; you will hear skepticism laid out on the table and explained with your very ears!

    LEARN why empirical evidence counts for something!

    BE AMAZED as our two actual official skeptics ask YOU what you can offer the group!

    DRINK!  Just for the hell of it!  You don’t even have to drink!

    A grand and jubilant total of 8 people showed up for the last one, so my goals were literally blown away.  You won’t be able to find them now.  So this time, I’m expecting something insane and awesome.  If we get 10 people everyone gets a free beer.

    If we get more than 10 people someone else will have to help me buy them beer.

– Sultan of Skeptics, Patrick Jerome

18/02/09 11:34


    Something from our last meeting:
    I know this wasn’t our main focus of the meeting, but at one point we did, in fact, mention Amish Fireplaces.
    Well it turns out that the Amish Fireplace is just so much bunk.  Congrats to all the Skeptics in attendance who realized that ahead of time, but here’s some linkage.
    This was just one of many such articles I found.

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