Freethinkers are #3!

You probably heard about a survey showing Atheists and Agnostics (hint agnostics: the answer is “no.”) as a growing group of Americans, behind naught but the mighty Catholics and Baptists in terms of popularity.

When the Catholics have a guy who cannot be wrong in charge, to be in the same league is impressive.  MOST impressive.

You can find the full study  linked at the bottom of the page. I recommend downloading it or checking the PDF, because there’s some interesting data in here, and it appears to be a well-done survey.

The methodology is important to note: it was performed by randomly dialing telephone numbers.  This is a total selection against those who do not have a phone, but the cross-section of the population that does have telephones is considered to be fairly representative, but then again – the Amish will never get in.  

The survey avoids self-selection but does require self-reporting.  Self reporting is notoriously unreliable.  People tend towards the fallacy of special pleading when it comes to themselves.

However, the study does not goad the respondants with a pre-selected list of religions.  They are expected to self-identify with a group they already know.

And many of them do not identify with religious groups.  The “none” category is large – larger than Methodists, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Presbetyern, Church of Christ, Seventh Day Adventists, Buddhists and Muslims.




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