Welcome to the Cosmos!

If you’ve never watched Carl Sagan’s Cosmos you can do so now thanks to Hulu.


If you’re wondering why you might want to be a skeptic when all the fancy psuedoscience and spirituality seems so deep and appealing, Sagan shows you a cosmos based in fact and reality, yet full of wonder and joy.  There are deep musings, mind-bending thoughts, and a wealth of information.

Also, you should read the book.  Always read the book.

From stellar evolution to biological species, from the cosmic calendar (welcome to the last second of the last day) to journeys with the ancients and words from philosophers, scientists, and thinkers from all ages, Cosmos is packed full of nuggets.  Nuggets of knowledge.

Oh, and he has a few things to say about astrology.


2 responses to “Welcome to the Cosmos!

  1. hey, thanks so much for the hulu link for the cosmos! i was born way after the production of the series. Glad to be able to watch it after all, since Im reading the book right now. tx!

  2. oh no, I cant stream it cos Im not in the US. =(

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