Skeptics For the Win?

There’s a blog I visit from time to time called Christian in College.  It’s run by a student at USM named Justin, who I first encountered on the website, before briefly debating him on the site of the Great Southern Humanist Society. At the end of his time there (for the time being) I challenged him to a debate, which he seemed to accept. I haven’t heard from him since.
Anyway, as part of his contest to win Ray Comfort books (more on that later) I am mentioning a post on his blog (as per the rules).
The Leviathan  Ah, what creationist argument would be complete without trying to answer the ultimate question, the one word question posed by Bill Hicks: “Dinosaurs?”

In this case, apparently, fossils count! Jacob says that whatever, whenever good old “Predator X” was around, obviously god created it, and if it isn’t the leviathan, then the leviathan must be more kickass!
Of course, the fossil is estimated at about 147 million years old. So it must have been left behind on Noah’s Ark. Of course, that wouldn’t actually get rid of it, in fact, I’d like to think that an animal-packed raft full of untold millions of animals would make the perfect snack for Predator X after he’d finished off all the unicorn corpses floating around.
You simply can’t have Predator X AND the literal biblical truth people like Justin crave. To call it the “Leviathan” is dishonest at best, and a perfect example of psuedoscience: having a belief that you find evidence to support. Justin and Jacob believe in the Leviathan, there is this Predator X, therefore this is the Leviathan.
Of course, it breathed fire. Underwater.
So skeptics: Justin’s blog is full of low-hanging fruit for the critical thinker. I urge you all to go there NOW and enter his contest! I’m excited, and I really, really want to win those Ray Comfort books. I think it would be an excellent addition to my psuedoscience collection.
However, at the risk of competition, please go forth, my skeptical minions, and enter your own blogs in this contest! Please refrain from making asinine or pointlessly insulting remarks on Justin’s webpage – whatever you want to say about the fellow, he does print our commentary.
If one of the JSS members wins it, we’ll feature it at a meeting, and you’ll get a medal. I think we’re going to come up with some sort of awards soon.


9 responses to “Skeptics For the Win?

  1. A few small corrections. 🙂

    I am not currently a USM student I am a future USM student. My current post-secondary education includes William Carey University and Jones County Community College.

    Also, I don’t believe that Predator X is Leviathan out of sheer chance. It is an interesting suggestion though made by my friend Jacob. I generally let Jacob post what he wants whether I completely agree or not.

    As for the age of the animal, Answers in Genesis has answers to the most common origins questions.

    Good luck in the contest.

  2. Just found another great website…
    Jesus: Is He In You?

    Someone needs to let these fundagelicals know the sexual connotation of this question.

  3. jacksonskepticalsociety

    Answers in Genesis is as flimsy as evidence gets, Justin. Ken Ham explains the 4 billion year history of life as happening in 6 thousand years.
    So what about all those other cultures that we know about that existed before then? Were the Clovis people somehow outside time? Did the Solutrean people not paint on cave walls?

    Ham, Comfort, and Hovind all use extremely convoluted and internally inconsistent views to “explain away” things like plate tectonics, radiocarbon dating, sedimentation, and an expanding universe. They say that the rules of nature somehow change due to a man eating an apple, that sin caused T-rex and triceratops to switch from vegetarian diets to hunting one another. That’s from Answers in Genesis. When Ken Ham finds a fact, he immediately grabs his bible and commits pseudoscience.

    Pseudoscience is performed by having a pre-set theory (like “all the answers are in genesis”) collecting data (like fossils) and then forcing (in Ken Ham’s case, obviously and awkwardly) the data to fit your theory (the fossils came from the flood).

    It’s what Ken Ham does, it’s what Ray Comfort does. As a skeptic I cannot abide by the practice.

  4. Judge each individual article on Answers in Genesis by its content.

  5. jacksonskepticalsociety

    That is what I did. And the content is wrong, wrong, wrong, each time. Never is there a point not from the bible, never does he prove anything, he only attacks evolution and tries to talk around huge stumbling blocks.

    There is a post on AiG coming up. That’s all I’ll say until then.

  6. Automatically discrediting something entirely because the author also points to the Bible is disingenuous at best.

  7. jacksonskepticalsociety

    We’re not talking about fertile crescent societies and the beginnings of western civilization here Justin. If we were you could point to a bible. If you were to point to a US History book and say “Lincoln was president during the civil war” when I was discussing Celtic history then it would be prudent and intelligent to discredit remarks that referenced your US History book.

  8. For anyone else interested, we’re having an additional set of discussions with Justin over at The Great Humanist Society.

  9. Hey, on our way up to Illinois last year my wife spotted this sign and laughed so hard milk shot out of her nose:

    …and she wasn’t even drinking milk!

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