A Little About Me (And Wheatgrass)

Dear readers, you’ve grown from the two people I showed the page to in person, to about 20 people who somehow came across this page through the various interlinking interlinks of the interweb. Maybe I emailed you and told you to come here, maybe you’re a member of the JSS. Whatever your role, if you only know me as the typing invisible blog-being, then, well, prepare to have YOUR MIND BLOWN!


I work in a health food store. Yes, I know these are oft wonderous pitchers of woo, but the pay is good and I push fresh fruits and vegetables, foods no one has good reason to be skeptical of – even hardened cynics of health claims.

But boy do I run across some bullshit, nonsense and outright insanity during my day to day. It’s how I keep up to date on quackery and crankery without spending TOO much time on the internet.

And one of the things that I am forced to buy and sell is wheatgrass. I am also forced to juice it for people, which is kind of like giving a preacher a job where he shreds bibles in a machine that requires a heavy hand-turned crank.

Wheatgrass is an excellent example of the type of BS I run into; over the top claims, “cleansing,” super-nutrients – I cringe at the phrase “Superfood” these days, and thanks to Oprah I do a lot of cringing.

I hate dealing with wheatgrass so tonight I did a little digging. Looks like skeptico hit upon the things I’ve always been thinking about the green juice: namely, “can we even digest that?” and “That can’t be loaded with goodness, it’s only 2 oz. of grass juice.”

Thankfully skeptico was kind enough to post the self-reported nutritional facts on the stuff.

So super it doesn't contain anything.

So super it doesn't contain anything.
















Here’s a little comparison to handy stuff you could buy from me for much less that would a: taste better.  b: be less work for me. and c: be better for you.



 Wheat Grass 
(Seven 3.5 gm tablets)


 Amounts in Common Foods


 860 mg


 2,300 mg in 1/2 cup cooked broccoli

 Beta carotene  

 1,668 IU


 20,253 IU in one raw carrot

 Vitamin B12  

 0.05 mcg


 1 mcg in 8 oz 2% milk


  15 mg


 89 mg in 1/2 cup cooked broccoli


 3.9 mg


 47 mg in 1/2 cup cooked broccoli


 3.9 mg


 37 mg in 1/2 cup cooked broccoli


 0.87 mg


 2.2 mg in one cup cooked macaroni

So looks like mom was right about this one thing at least: Eat your goddamned broccoli.


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