Cracked dot com – science and dick jokes

Oh, they’re together at last!

In case you are young, or spent your childhood reading respectable materials, Cracked was a comic-style magazine that prided itself on being a cheaper, less sophisticated Mad magazine. Since Mad wasn’t that high brow all the time, you probably see where this is going.

But the magazine folded and the website sprung up from the soaking bits of debris. Writers were fired, and internet comedy websites filled in. A brash new bit of comedic genius was born –

There are a lot of dick jokes, but like Bill Hicks said – you can inform a lot of people and enrich their lives, as long as you pepper it with dick jokes.

Here I’ve found some geniune science content that seems to understand – young people like science when it’s weird, list-based internet humor stuff. Like The Biggest Assholes in Nature or Cute Animals that Can Destroy You, The Most Horrifying Bugs (There’s actually several of these), The Most Badass Stunts in the Name of Science, and one of my personal favorites, Formerly Kickass Creatures Ruined by Evolution because sometimes being huge, armored, clawed, and nasty isn’t as good as being warm-blooded, smart, or eating less food.

Sure, there are some pseudoscience turds in there every once in a while, like any breakfast cereal, but for the most part there’s good, respectful stuff.

And I found out that god has a job in a massage parlor. Thanks Cracked.


2 responses to “Cracked dot com – science and dick jokes

  1. jacksonskepticalsociety

    Edited because of some bizarre formatting choices.

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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