Randi’s Back

(This is about the other Amazing Randi, not my dear amazing Skeptricary).

Well, you might have noticed that the JREF got it’s YouTube account banned for a brief bit.

Skeptics everywhere flew into apocalyptic keyboard rage. Missives were penned, people panicked, chaos ensued. This was undoubtedly part of some creationist plot, some wicked psychic counterfeit claiming wrongdoing on the part of our beloved elder statesman! Conspiracies were claimed! Others got hit, the demons in the dark were on the offense, rally the wagons!

But, such was not the case. Turns out, it was copyright issues, like 99% of all youtube bannings.

Randi’s back, and as amazing as ever. I feel somewhat let down that everyone was so ready to fly into battle over this – rather than seeking a rational and logical conclusion, some saw smoke and assumed arson.


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