Someone Explains This

So I’ve been saying this for years now, but someone has finally come along and used a Law & Order analogy to describe the phenomenon.

I especially like this quote, which I think should be a T-shirt that Ray Comfort is forced to wear.

“The thing is, the evolution/creationism “debate” is a classic false dilemma. If evolution collapses, god doesn’t automatically fill in the hole. If evolution were suddenly shown to not work, it would open the door to innumerable possible explanations. Aliens deliberately seeded the planet with life. We’re all virtual inhabitants of a massive supercomputer. Godlike hamsters shat out all of creation, and we grew from microbes in their heavenly feces. God did it. If we’ve removed evolution, all of these alternatives are just as likely as any other. And until you’ve gathered a single shred of evidence in favor of your preferred explanation, no amount of evidence that our explanation is wrong doesn’t make your version any stronger. Your explanation is still completely unsupported.”

I couldn’t have (and didn’t) said it any better. So, if there’s any creationists out there reading my blog – where’s the evidence for YOUR theory?


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