Get a Dose of Hitchens Before The Debate

Courtesy of Pharyngula and YouTube (I don’t have to include a YouTube link, do I? You guys and gals know where to find it, right?)

Ever get one of those annoying evangelicals asking you leading questions about heaven, god, and hell? If you don’t want them looking all smug and gloaty, then just do what Christopher Hitchens does, and show them that their questions and assumptions are bullshit by the pound.


Part I

Part II

And if you want to watch him debate Dinesh D’Souza (which is what he’ll be doing here in Mississippi well you don’t even have to leave my website…

List of virgin births here.


One response to “Get a Dose of Hitchens Before The Debate

  1. jacksonskepticalsociety

    Oh, the wretched web radio station “” (could have sworn that was a porn site once upon a time) they put up a poll here asking how you thought the interview went.

    Do it here:

    Almost 100% of those polled said the interviewer did a terrible job. Maybe it had something to do with the poll winding up on

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