Hitchens Debate In Mississippi – Video

Jones County Junior College (JCJC) has been kind enough to put the debate up on the internet.

Get it now, don’t know how long it’ll last.



One response to “Hitchens Debate In Mississippi – Video

  1. I went to the debate, got to hang out with both Hitchens and D’Souza backstage beforehand at the small press conference and caught some candid interviews, recorded the opening remarks, some of the audience Q&A (the preaching, specifically), and post-debate reactions from some questioners.

    It was a good debate, lots of new material from both.

    I finished my YouTube playlist for the Hitchens/D’Souza debate in Jones County. Crowd reactions, some candid interviewing, etc.

    Thought I’d extend it to the MS Atheists peoples.



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