Monday Linklistings

Here’s some links for you to peruse (if you see me in person, we’ll have something to talk about).

Also, I would like to say that if you’ve posted comments recently, and haven’t seen your comment go up, I’ve been getting a lot of spam, and have been just clearing the spambox without looking it over. So on the off-chance your comment was considered spam…

Well, if you’re deep into the autism woo and quackery (as your dear author is) you’ve probably run across a lot of horrible little pseudo-scientific schemes designed to defraud parents and do nothing for the child.

Detailing (exhaustively) one such woo and how it’s finally being vilified by the mainstream media and even by autism quacks, is Science Based Medicine.

Even if you’re only a mild science junkie, you’ve probably heard that brave researchers have plumbed the unknown (instead of giving up and saying “goddidit”) and have begun towards an understanding of abiogenesis. A nice explanation of this research is given on Neurologica.

Throw out your rainbow-dolphin paintings, because dolphins are as cold blooded and ruthless as all the other mammals. So says this article.

like this, but with more rape and infanticide and murder.

like this, but with more rape and infanticide and murder.

Good ole PZ Myers has pointed to a hilarious con called the Reincarnation Bank where your current self can place funds, and then reincarnated you can come collect them! You’ll notice that there is no button for withdrawals. BRILLIANT!

If you want to know what a rip-off sounds like in a foreign language, here you go:

It makes you smile. Or is this a brand new exercise for whores that we need to know more about?

Sciencepunk brings us the continuing PSA series “Zombie Identification Cards.” Here’s my favorite one so far.



We get mentioned on the 111th Skeptics Circle You’re gonna love it. Just don’t get us Slap-chopped Action Skeptics.

And to read up on Globsters go to the excellent Skeptoid podcast. While you’re there, listen to a fine podcast about the 2012 Hype and get your hilarity on with their production of SCREWED! where it is finally revealed that, yes, all we skeptics are working for the Illuminati, just like this totally rational guy says.

Our cover-up checks are in the mail. All hail our masonic overlords.


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