For those of Intestinal Fortitude Only

So someone sends me a fun ‘lil linkin today.

You ever wonder where that money spent on abstinence only “education” goes? I do. I mean – your plan is specifically to put out some ads (which your Health Department has funding for anyway) and…

…shit? What else? Don’t tell them?

But this video shows me where some of that cash money goes. MY cash money. YOUR cash money. Those f-ing taxes we all hate paying -here they are on the tiny screen.

God and Abstinence from Stuart Productions on Vimeo.

For the record, here’s a single statistic:
When it comes to teenage pregnancy, we’re #1.

I think we’ve tried this whole “just don’t do it” approach long enough. Nike doesn’t use “just do it” to sell shoes anymore, Mississippi can do better.


4 responses to “For those of Intestinal Fortitude Only

  1. I had no idea that our tax money pays for this BS. I’m infuriated after watching that video. How do we stop it?

  2. Well, according to the complete moron that designed the Hinds County sex education curriculum, all we have to do is eliminate the recording industry. Apparently rock and rap are the reasons why Mississippi is #1 in teen pregnancies in the US. (Despite the abstinence only program devised by this douche bag.)

    So if we get rid of the recording industry then teens won’t have sex any more and then we won’t have to unconstitutionally spend money pretending that religion can keep teenagers from having sex.

  3. jacksonskepticalsociety

    Sorry your comment didn’t get posted earlier Bill, I was out of the “office” so to speak.

    Who is the D-bag you refer to? Name names, man!

  4. Sorry, it’s been a while since the report came out and I’m for sure not paying the Clarion-Ledger to look at their online archive. But the gentleman in question was the one that designed the abstinence only education module for Hinds County.

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