A Cracked Fan Again

Again, I can’t help but enjoy myself as Cracked.com melds juvenile jokes with some humorous skepticism.

They tackle some common conspiracy theories in one recent post. The author twice brings up Richard Scaife, the Nixon supporter who spent millions defaming Bill and Hillary Clinton. Scaife did help uncover untoward real estate dealings, but he also pushed a “Bill Clinton body count” project, and was one of the main voices behind the idea that Vincent Foster’s death was not a suicide. In a twist, Scaife later supported Hillary Clinton for president. He also is a major donor for the Heartland Institute, which, among other things, publishes dubious papers claiming that global warming does not exist.

All that I learn from reading a website featuring dick jokes. (And a little wiki time.)

Another Cracked article I somehow missed was this one about 2012. If you’ve ever talked to me about any Apocalyptica, (other than the band) you’ve probably heard me mention that – these predictions are a: always wrong and b: only right if they’re published after the events they “predict,” which means that they aren’t apocalyptic at all, but instead ret-conned like bad Star Wars fanfiction.

My biggest objection to basing ANYTHING – even the progression of the days of the year – on the Mayan Calendar was that it was profoundly WRONG, not the inerrant “better than the European” mythological beast 2012 proponents claim.

They had a whole day taken off each year. A whole week “didn’t count.” And there’s more.

But the cracked article is of course, funnier.


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