I’m Back

Hello faithful readers. The apps tell me that I have had some readers in my extended absence, and that does me well to know.

Alas, personal issues had kept me away for some time, and these things are only now becoming sorted to a point where I feel like I’ve got Skeptical Society time on my hands.

Also, I needed inspiration, and someone went out and provided it. I understand that the big-gun skeptics are all out preparing for TAM7, but for those of us with limited funds (come on big pharma money/illuminati paymasters…) and no lucky scholarships – well, what happens in Vegas is all the way over there in Vegas.

So it’s time for us little guys to shine with news that isn’t out there in the burning wasteland.

There’s a new local service that you should urge upon those friends of yours who are worried that the end is neigh and the rapture is upon us. I quote:

You’ve committed your life to Jesus. You know you’re saved. But when the Rapture comes what’s to become of your loving pets who are left behind? Eternal Earth-Bound Pets takes that burden off your mind.

And it’s only 110 dollars. What did you expect the poor puppies to do after the rapture? Starve? Your pets don’t go to heaven – grandma was a lier.

So it turns out atheists are good for something after all.

I promise it’s not like the guys that have the reincarnation bank.


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