There Goes Our Project

Well, JSS. I guess it’s time for us to close up shop, because the US Senate wants to ban animal-human hybrids.

Put down the chickens.

I first got word of this through the Pharyngula grapevine and further checking via showed me a document that was simple, sparse, and… stupid.

Normally I wouldn’t have bothered, but – one of the authors of the bill is our very own Haley Barbour nominee, Roger Wicker.

Sorry, manimals.  Apparently there's no furries in the Senate.

Sorry, manimals. Apparently there's no furries in the Senate.

There are some real howlers in the text, which I recommend you read (it’s much shorter than most of these things, and a much more entertaining read). But my personal favorite is this line:

human-animal hybrids are grossly unethical because they blur the line between human and animal, male and female, parent and child, and one individual and another individual.

The line between human and animal, blurred? What was that line, again? The line between male and female? Obviously these guys aren’t checking out the single cell organisms out there – or plants, for that matter. Ain’t everybody gotta be male or female.

And it’s something we’ve been doing for a while.

Score one for the rest of the world, chalk up another blow for American science – should this pass.


2 responses to “There Goes Our Project

  1. Good to see Congress focusing their efforts on the really important issues like this one. Never mind the economy or health care when human-animal hybrids are all over the place! If only they’d keep busy with this drivel and not get into placing more god-related nonsense on government buildings.

  2. jacksonskepticalsociety

    Yeah, that one is also sponsored by Mr. Wicker.

    By “that one” I mean “this one:”

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