Animal Camo

While Batman often tangles with someone as anthropomorphic as he is, the authors of a a new study might think that the Tiger Moth might make a better bat-villain than penguins or cats.

Some of these flying (and poisonous) moths use tymbal organs to make noises – and some of them make noises that are ultrasonic, interfering with the bat’s echolocation.

But these aren’t the only mammals making use of extraordinary abilities to confound predators.

The California ground squirrel manipulates infrared to confuse rattlesnakes. The squirrels do not do the same for non-heat-seeking vipers. You should read about it here because then you’ll get to read about a research project involving “robo-squirrels.”

Of course, they all pale in comparison to the chameleonoid shapeshifting stealthy octopi.


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