A Bit of A Loss

I’ve been at a bit of a loss lately, looking for some sort of nonsense to show up on the doorstep, some sort of nugget that needed debunking in the backyard. As fun as finding out about what goes on through these internet tubes is, it is hardly the reason for the existence of this here blog, nor this skeptical society. We may have picked up a reader from Malaysia – hello there – but if we’re to pick up any more members from the streets of Jackson, a more focused touch is needed.

So – anyone got any news of local backyard woo? If you do, please post away.

Now, I did find a local psychic, out in Pearl (a new one) who offers tarot readings and some other such stuff, but claims to “specialize in lost loves” – I don’t know if this means she doesn’t reunite them, or what, but the current idea spinning around in my head is to have some very “found” loves (maybe even married or engaged couples) go and ask her to find their “lost” lovers…

I dunno. I could ask her what the picture is. See, I carry around a hand-drawn, specific and symbolic illustration in my wallet (I will visualize it on request for mind readers) for psychics and remote-viewers. It has yet to be identified, but that’s probably a little cheap for a professional psychic.

Anyone got any ideas? Leads on local skepticism-related activities, myths in need of busting, or a good foil for someone claiming to be psychic?


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