Some Tuesday Linkings

In honor of the madness that has plagued us all since someone, somewhere, said that maybe we should do something about the cost of health care…

When you get your brains eaten by zombies (because of health care reform) you’ll at least know that someone out there has a mathematical model for dealing with the outbreak. Oh, wait, it turns out that health care reform causes terrorism, not zombies. Unless, you know, you talk to that guy who’s always crying about America on the TV.

Ah well. If they’re only small, rat-sized zombies, you could feed them to this plant.
everyone go "aww, poor rat" before he gets digested by enzymes.

Of course, we skeptics know that you can’t always believe what you see. Which is why they wind up at events near and far to contend with people who confuse evidence for wishful thinking.

Oh, and there’s a new Skeptics Guide to the Universe up.


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