Belhaven Hosting H1N-Noooo! Seminar

Recently I discovered that the creationist-housing Belhaven College is going to be hosting a seminar on the swine flu.

It’s free, it’s early in the evening (on Friday, when good skeptics are out partying) and it’s local. Since it’s at Belhaven, in the midst of a religious campus and crunchy-granola area, there’s a good chance some folks who are worried about vaccinations might just show up.

Maybe the JSS could be there to throw out some dis-dis-information? (Just in case). I believe that this guy is giving the talk, so if anyone is capable of going and throwing out some back-alley science and skepticism, let’s try and coordinate beforehand.


2 responses to “Belhaven Hosting H1N-Noooo! Seminar

  1. I must just be ignorant on the issue. What is the problem here?

  2. jacksonskepticalsociety

    No problems, it turned out. The talk was actually quite informative.

    I posted about it here:

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