Meeting Roundup

Well, the sixth (or fifth, I really can’t recall) somewhat-monthly meeting of the JSS has taken place! We rounded up some rational, reality-based persons at The Old Tavern (aka George Street Grocery) and a good time was had by all. We discussed the usual roundtable topics – health care misinformation, creationism, vaccine terror, and did a little plotting for a potential new event – a science fair for adults! We even had a few beers, though no one thought to ask if they qualified for a free beer – even though some people there actually DID QUALIFY.

The meeting was mostly old salts, including Dennis, who has now been to every single meeting, something that only he and I can claim. Also, we had a new attendee, Mike, a geologist (our second working geologist) who, as you might can guess, has a bit of beef with creationists telling him that those aquifers are only six thousand years old.

We got onto quite a few farm-related topics; like organic foods, corn subsidies, water rights, aquifer management, and defoliants. There is a bit of a noise issue when it comes to food information, and while we didn’t exactly filter it all out then and there (remember: the beers) it was good to chat with some folks who probably don’t have some sort of new eating disorder.

And that’s what it’s all about, skeptics (IT being the Skeptics in the Pub type event) – finding out that you’re not alone out there, the only Scully in a world of Mulders, and that while issues and people are complicated and multi-faceted, there’s people out there who don’t fall for the Bullshit.


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