Monday Morning Coffee

Well, since I can’t yet send coffee over the internet, nor teleport it elsewhere, you’ll just have to brew your own cup.

brew it with SCIENCE!

brew it with SCIENCE!

It’s better than watching the Today Show and being subjected to Andrew Wakefield lunacy.

Ah, well, if you’re like me, a good pick-me-up is always to be had when I discover something like a nice list of counters to “intelligent” design arguments. Read and watch reason unfold!

Ever wonder about that concept of “personal space?” Well, someone is checking into it.

Then, if you’re interested in things that you seriously wouldn’t want in your personal space, check out the sweet spot on giant armadillo tails, and calculated the force on some other dino-crushing clubs.

from this to roadkill, in a few million years.

from this to roadkill, in a few million years.

Well, if you’re one of many out there waiting for the post-human future in which people have sex with robots. I would assume this would only be androids and gynoids, had I not stumbled across fem-bot central. Why I stumbled across that is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Of course, some of the same old problems with sex will still happen with our robot lovers, apparently.

Ah well, that’s all for today. Tomorrow, I think we’ll see a bit on the vaccination lecture I attended at Belhaven college.


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