Evolution – Not on This Shirt!

By the way, this is our FIRST article by an author other than myself!

You may have heard about this one by now.

A Missouri high school’s marching band released promotional t-shirts which parody the (in)famous representation of evolution. You know, the one with the ape on the left side, the man on the right, and the intermediate forms between! These shirts were banned by the school’s dress code due to complaints. The administration gave in to pressure under the guise of “religious neutrality.” Click the link for the hilarious comments by teacher/parent Sherry Melby. Apparently, science blogs have hijacked the site’s poll, resulting in overwhelming support for the evolution parody shirts.


One response to “Evolution – Not on This Shirt!

  1. jacksonskepticalsociety

    Good job sir. An interesting article here compares this to the krishna belief that you can’t go to space.

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