Adding to the Kit

Okay, it’s in internet form. I wouldn’t make anyone sit through a slideshow unless I was feeling a bit sadistic.

Harriett Hall, who writes frequently for the ever-informative Science Based Medicine recently did a talk called “The Skeptics Toolbox,” which no doubt includes Carl Sagans Baloney Detection Kit.

In case you didn’t check the link, there’s an excellent video by Micheal Shermer on the ole’ BDK.

Note: This was the first thing added to the Fun Media for Skeptics page.


2 responses to “Adding to the Kit

  1. Nice post. I was happy to come across this blog. I’m moving to Meridian in the next few weeks and I’m a bit worried about what I might come across in a state that still constitutionally forbids a non-religious person from holding office.

  2. jacksonskepticalsociety

    Well, it’s not as bad as you might think. However, the religious still have a serious stranglehold on the whole area.

    But compare it to a place like Florida, California, or Arizona where every third person believes in magic wicca crystal healing and you get a different picture.

    You just gotta be a little wary. I hope we can see you at a meeting at some point.

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