Victor Stenger Coming to Jackson

Well, Victor J. Stenger is coming to Millsaps College on Thursday, October 22nd.

Stenger (I really should be reading his books right now, rather than posting!) is a frequent critic of intelligent design and the anthropic principle, one of those things that gets throw around with way too much weight, flying in the face of every discovery since Copernicus, and confusing cause and effect. As Steven Jay Gould pointed out “it is like saying that ships had been invented to house barnacles.”

According to the Millsaps website the talk will be given at the Ford Academic Complex, Room 215. The speech is about Stenger’s new book: The New Atheism. Details on the speech will be forthcoming, as soon as I can get in contact with the Millsaps philosophy department.

So who’s coming? I smell a meeting around the corner.


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