Just A Few Things

This’ll only take a minute, folks.

A couple of evolution-based fun bits:

First off – an answer to “well you’ll never SEE evolution happening!”

Unless you look here.

Admittedly, this one has been seen before, but this is a good rundown if you’ve never heard of the e.coli experiment at the other MSU.

Secondly, you all may know that I don’t really go in for apocalyptic forecasts, especially this 2012 nonsense. Neither does this Mayan guy.

And finally, one thing we should be wary of in the context of denialism and debate – the difference between denialists and skeptics. You see, a skeptic, knowing that you can’t ever be sure, seeks out more and more comprehensive data to put what is “known” on more sure footing. Therefore, concentrating on new discoveries and well-researched findings is important. To the denialist, however, all that is important is that you are wrong. Kind of like skepticism turned cancerous.

So, to inject a carcinogen into the evolution discussion, because it’s fun – the failings of intelligent design.


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