Final Meeting of the Year

Well it’s running on into Christmas time, and you’ll all soon be listening to aunts who heard “something” on Oprah, uncles who have a few “theories” about evolution, and plenty of family-based insanity.

Since you gotta love the family (to their face, at least) why not vent a little bit of your woo-caused frustrations and pony up to the bar for the final JSS meeting of 2009 – our first year is down the hatch already!

There’s been a lot in the news of skeptical and scientific interest; from the Pope hunting Martians, Coma-Man, the H1N1, 2012 – you need to catch up!

Once again, the Time will be 19:00 (7 PM for you 12 hour clockers)
The Date: December 22nd (a Tuesday).
The Location: The Ole Tavern on George Street (clicky)

So there ya go.

Be prepared to discuss Christmas myths, wear fun T-shirts, and everyone’s favorite skepticism topic: Do you tell kids about Santa?

Plus, tearful recollections about where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and a cheerful debunking of 2012. The phenomenon, not the movie. I’m pretty sure that, at least, exists.

I’ll see you there. Remember to ask about the free beer.


One response to “Final Meeting of the Year

  1. The Winter Solstice occurs Dec 21 at 11:47 AM CST

    Get ready to ring your Solstice Bells and proclaim ‘Reason’s Greetings!’ to all.

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