XKCD Explains Cranks

I liked this one.

The guy’s a regular Galileo. Why is it that cranks always compare themselves to Galileo? The dude had books full of evidence.


6 responses to “XKCD Explains Cranks

  1. “Why is it that cranks always compare themselves to Galileo?” Why is it that everyone you disagree with is a crank? You have a list of heretics ready to go to the ovens don’t you

  2. jacksonskepticalsociety

    To rehash old territory for anyone who actually listens: Not everyone who disagrees with me is a crank. I disagree with a lot of people, even members of the skeptical society. A crank is special in that no matter how the world turns, they do not.

    I certainly would never propose that they go to the ovens. Your willingness to equate this to a holocaust shows you have little interest in a rational discussion, I’d wager.

    The cranks have as much a run on the internet and publicity as anyone else. They are welcome to it. The more people hear of them, the more often they’re shown to be wrong by that great teacher experience, the better off we all are.

  3. Do you start all your rational discussions with calling someone a crank?

    You’re aren’t here to promote honest intellectual inquiry. I doubt for the individual who equivocates all new research or theories whether they are from academics, pathologists, independent researchers, industry researchers, pediatricians, or HCPs, with token snake handling faith healers you delight in foisting your attention upon that a rational discussion is even possible. You’re here to enforce conformity within your perceived ingratiated social clique, preferably with you as alpha male. Your blog would make an excellent sociological study, but as a case for the benefits of science and groundbreaking research it is a failure.

    And I’m sure you have many people you disagree with, especially the mental midgets you seem to pride yourself on preying on. You are just another guard dog for dogmas of modern science, who probably doesn’t even have a graduate degree, nor is academically involved in any research field. If you have even actually looked into the pop-skepticism movement, you’ll see that it is a trend invented by prominent university figures as a way to ride the backs of young people, to promulgate their reductionist counter-humanist ideals, and sell to more books.

    Please, stop dishonoring the hard-fought tradition of scientific inquiry and quit your posing.

    Holocaust reference courtesy of a good Jewish friend of mine. It’s obvious by your irrational “us against the crazies” mindset you aren’t that far from it.

  4. jacksonskepticalsociety

    Keep reading. It’s always nice to know I’ve got a loyal reader who knows so much about me. Glad you enjoy the work so much that you’re taking time out of your day to let me know how I’m promulgating reductionist counter-humanist ideals and helping people sell more books.

  5. Obviously, your ego requires that you make some ironic remark in attempt to deflect the issue.

    I hate to disappoint, but I tuned in a couple of days ago. For someone who is trying to be scientific, why resort to statements like calling people quacks or cranks? And then why be amazed when people reply in kind? It’s this exact kind of polarization this thing we tentatively call science doesn’t need. Yeah you aren’t unique, and there is a strong culture among young people now, and there are suddenly hundreds of armchair scientists who don’t have degrees or aren’t contributing to research or academia who fancy themselves authorities (I apologize, I’m assuming you aren’t). It’s horrible. Science is not a religion, nor a sport, nor a us against them, and we shouldn’t behave like it is. Our research is for the benefit of the species, even if some people don’t appreciate it. That’s fine. If this blog were about novel research or expounding upon the myriad benefits of scientific progress, without the name-calling or disparaging remarks about people who don’t follow the skeptic blogosphere or have beliefs antithetical to yours, or judging by the previous comic even try to question your ideas, that would be another thing. Our data are near zero compared to observable universe that is out there, and it’s hubris to assume that theories of today will be the theories of tomorrow, nor should they be. I want us to find a cure for cancer. I’m a Pharm D and work in the medical field. I want us to have free energy, hell why not flying cars. These are good things, and I want them to be possible and there are non-crank people pursuing these things. Let them try. It is people like you who, and like the Climategate East Anglia people, who have an agenda and try to scoot things around for their benefit.

    If it won’t disappoint you, I’ll quit reading. Just please try to look past the sycophants and fellow bobble heads.

  6. maybe if you didnt act so crazy you wouldnt get called crazy. go read a book foghat

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