Crazy Science Pic of the Day

Your crazy-ass science pic of the day.


Electricity arcs as the blades pass through the cloud of suspended sand particles

There’s a lot more of them here, with some interesting and poetic descriptions.

I’d all but given up on a coherent, worthwhile post about Climategate, but my hand has been forced. Needless to say it’s stirred a bit of ye olde shite-storm in the blogosphere, even getting itself Pharyngulated.

Egads, my personal project may just have to go back to the back burner for another day.


4 responses to “Crazy Science Pic of the Day

  1. lol! i saw that article on too……. hes just admitting error to save face and to maintain credibility. he cant seriously say “happily science doesnt rely on conensus” then turn around and say the earth is warming which is what the consensus is and you cant believe what a bunch of hackers or conspiracy theorists say thats ridiculous

  2. So what is your take? Do you agree with this Randi fellow or do you think that the other people are right?

    I’m definitely not a scientist. I do have a geologist father who taught me that while there is “climate change” there is no real proof that humans are warming the earth. The Vikings colonized greenland (warmer). People were ice skating in Paris in the 1700s (colder)… Something killed the dinosaurs.

    Temperatures change with or without us. Making claims about long term temperature change and using data from 1970 seems a little off.

  3. jacksonskepticalsociety

    Sorry the comments haven’t gone up in a while, I can’t always be checkin’ the website.

    Interesting bit about post 1970 tree-ring data being thrown off by carbon dioxide emissions:

  4. i linkd to this earlier and its a good place to start

    randi is trying to have it both ways and talking out of both sides of his mouth in the same article like i said. its pretty funny shame you cant see that…….. i hate to tell you but your fathers wrong and humans are reeking havoc on the planets environment. and its not just data from the 70s or lookin at tree rings. read up on it the people opposing agw are called deniers and are in the minority for a reason. usually crackpots and conspiracy theorists like fred singer or christopher monckton.

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