Someone Else Loves XKCD

I guess PZ Myers loves
XKCD as much as I do.

Judging from this article, anyhow.

I’d wanted to put up a link to that comic yesterday, but, damnit, I’d had too many XKCD links recently, or so I thought. Then PZ has to go and make something hilarious out of it.

The lesson: Always follow your dreams. Especially when they involve posting internet comics, moreso than when it involves a radioactive wasteland that is somehow your backyard and a coffee shop and a milkshake all at the same time.


6 responses to “Someone Else Loves XKCD

  1. yes. follow your dream. if that dream is denying climate change and your backyard looks something like this

  2. jacksonskepticalsociety

    Are you suggesting that LORD Monckton is not dead on scientifically? He’s the 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley. That’s impeccable climate science credentials, there.

  3. no ladies and gentlemen no sarcasm here

  4. dont forget climate denier fred singer > carl sagan because he pwnd carl in the kuwait oil fires debate

  5. more evidence of the masses becoming increasingly psychologically unstable

    dont forget religion is mental illness a fact that many people are still uncomfortable with. take that and a slew of other mental abnormalities into account and youll find that most of the planets population is either insane or various grades of retarded. most people are damaged goods and something needs to be done about them……..

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