I’m Back – Also, Great Meeting!

Hello, Dear Readers.

I’m back from a long absence due to personal issues, time issues, job issues, and computer issues. But fear not – the blog is not dead, the Jackson Skeptical Society is doing fine. In fact, we’ve been getting more traffic than ever, most of whom are interested in Robert Dowling (and, oddly enough – Rods of Ra?).

We just had a Skeptics in the Pub meeting that was, as usual, an absolute blast. I’d like to congratulate everyone who attended on being jovial, accommodating (the table/band situation was a bit of a challenge, but we managed to overcome) and informed.

The topics of the evening were pretty bouncy: Andrew Wakefield, the utterly stupid Texas Nurses Trial, the bad science of Dr. Arafiles and the eventual acquittal of Nurse Anne Mitchell. Orac has been all over this, and as a regular reader of Respectful Insolence, I was all over this subject. We also mentioned “Quantum Balancing Crystals” which contain “thousands of nano-scale quartz crystals that are invisible to the naked eye.” I’m sure they do.

There was plenty of beer – and the new Samuel Adams Nobel Pils was on tap at the Tavern. I recommend it if you like highly hopped lagers.

So all in all, a great meeting. There will be more posts later, I promise, but expect slowed posting for a while; things have been busy on the homefront.

Until then, you JSS members have a homework assignment. I’m working on setting up a meeting at the Eudora Welty library, open to the public, about a topic of our choosing. If you checked the Facebook Page you’ll know that the two topics on hand at the moment are 1: Psychics aren’t real (the old skepticism go-to topic) and 2: Astrology isn’t real (just as good!)

I figure that we should start on the basics, eh?


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