Time Travel, Bagels, Women in Tuxedo

The reason I haven’t been able to post much lately is that , I took a nasty blow to the head. But I figured I had to post today, because I just found out that a balrog was summoned up by the large hadron collider activation, but head LCH physicist Gordon Freeman pictured here has assured me that everything will be just fine.

psychic fair cancelled

For this, I blame the LHC

The LHC was unable to be stopped by time traveling birds, but fortunately, one brave time traveler has come back in time to stop it, but unfortunately – unless you happened to be the summoned transdimensional beast – the LHC activation has gone forth. Fortunately, Gordon Freeman has assured me that he’ll be taking care of the problem. I have sent him a crowbar.

The real reason for all of this universe bending weirdness, the rain of fish from the sky in Austrailia the time travelers and dark structures beyond the universe, is not the Large Hadron Collider, but, if Mississippi authorities are to be believed – Lesbians in Tuxedos.

Time and time again our brave elected and appointed officials have fought the scourge of women in tuxedos – just to prevent events exactly like these from occurring!

However, they cannot stop the depredations of Secular Humanists. Oh the horror. The horror. I suppose I’ll just go and become a epistemological anarchist, as fuzzy reasoning is the only defense against logic, reason, and critical thinking – the works of the devil. It should prepare me nicely for the future of America.


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