Well that takes care of that!

I know I said I’d post about the inanity of Prince Charles.

But I’m a bit busy putting together the JSS panels for the 2010 Jackson Comic-Con, the Southern Fried Comic-Con.

And there is quite a lot to talk about there.

So let’s pull out something a bit easier, courtesy of Mississippi Atheists (and plenty of other members and friends!) – Louisiana has finally figured out a way to stop the gulf oil spill. With… prayer.

No, not oil-eating bacteria, not bio-engineered fungal threads, not booms and boats and an army of cleanup workers.


First off: Do they think that no one in Louisiana is praying about it?

Do they think that it will help? How about thanking the people actually out there cleaning things up and trying to save the Gulf?

I suppose if the oil well seals itself in the next few days, I will eat my words.


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