The Mississippi UFO Conference

Yes, the 2011 MS UFO Confrerence is on the way.

I’ll be there at 9 AM sharp, so if you want to meet me, then show up when the doors open.

I can’t quite make out what to think of this – I hope it’s awesome. We don’t have a booth or anything, nor would I want one. This is a great, cheap (only five dollars!) way to get steeped in some crazy.

I noticed here that the tickets come in five, ten, and fifteen dollar varieties. I may buy the fifteen dollar deluxe package and hope the extra ten bucks doesn’t go towards a probing.

One of the themes of the event is to gather information regarding the 1977 Flora UFO Sighting. (Double warning: The link takes you to the “” page, which has a benign pop-up. It also has reporting by my home-town newspaper, the Madison County Herald, which in 1977 was published in Canton, MS.)

They are not deterred in any way by the fact that the main participant in this sighting, Kenneth Creel, admitted that he made the thing up. Even the local news channel WAPT, which is sponsoring the event, mentioned this in their rather hilarious story.

So who’s this UFO Expert in the video? Patrick Frascogna, the guy you contact if you’ve got any questions about the event. Which is being hosted by the same newscaster that does the story.

The Master of Ceremonies will be Darren Dedo. If you’re like me, you may remember him from the old TV segments “The Unexplained,” in which various hauntings and UFO sightings were “investigated.” It aired 10 years or so ago, and pre-dates the more modern “ghost-hunter” genre.

Another case they’d like to focus on is the May 25th, 1977 sighting in Taylorsville, MS.

If that date doesn’t click for you, then the Force isn’t strong with you. May 25th, 1977 was also the same day that Star Wars was released in the United States.

It’s been suggested (though certainly not definite) that movies featuring UFOs lead to an increase in UFO sightings.

Will the Truth be out there, or just a chance to pick up some awesome T-shirts? The best gauge I’ve seen so far is the “Your Close Encounter” page.

I’ll be there with camera and laptop, skeptics. So you don’t *have* to go, but I’d love to see you there.


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