Skeptics Library

If you’ve got a book on a skeptical matter, and live in Jackson and consider yourself a member of the JSS, then this is the page for you.

This (and the page will improve) is meant to be a sort of library where you can tell people about books/movies of interest, and allow them to borrow the books from you. This way we’ll know who’s got the book, who wants it, and how to get it.

I’m working on making this a database with updatability, but at the moment, it’s just post and comment, people.


5 responses to “Skeptics Library

  1. jacksonskepticalsociety

    Here’s a small sample of books you can borrow from me:

    Cosmos – Carl Sagan
    The Ascent of Man – Brownowski
    The Origin of Species – Darwin
    The UFO Encyclopedia – Philip Klaas.
    The Structure of Evolutionary Theory – Steven Jay Gould
    How Come? Every Kid’s Science Questions Explained – Kathy Wollard
    and more!

    If you want to borrow a book, email me or leave a comment.

  2. jacksonskepticalsociety

    Recent acquisition:

    The Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark by Carl Sagan

    This is IT, skeptics – the most elegant, awesome book of skepticism out there. UFOs, crop circles, face on mars, the fine art of baloney detection – and it’s all in Sagan’s captivating, awesome style, engaging and enthralling the reader until the very end, when you want there to be more. You may even cry.

  3. jacksonskepticalsociety

    Recent acquisition:

    Confessions of an Alien Hunter
    by Seth Shostak

    Shostak is the senior astronomer for the SETI institute, and this book talks all about the work they’ve done, the misses and the hits that turned into misses. It has some excellent skeptical content, in addition to dramatic illustrations of how proving yourself wrong is often more important than proving yourself right.

  4. jacksonskepticalsociety

    Recent acquisition:

    Denying History: Who Says the Holocaust Didn’t Happen and Why Do They Say It?

    by Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman

    I purchased this to combat such nonsense – I was happy to know that Shermer had done such a work, as I find him to be an entertaining and educational writer. The book does not disapoint, but of course, as the subject matter is the holocaust (and plenty of dry, detailed reporting on matters of utmost horror) the book is not for a light weekend read.

    Still, invaluable if, say, David Irving is coming to your hometown.

  5. jacksonskepticalsociety

    Recent Additions to the Library:

    Death from the Skies by Phil Plait
    Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins
    Why Darwin Matters by Michael Shermer

    Remember, if you want to borrow a book, all you gotta do is ask.

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