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Now THAT Is An Investigation

Hrm, I don’t know how, exactly, I missed this one. Guess I don’t read as much FARK as I used to.

But, in Picayune, a church was having troubles with vandals in the cemetery. Not the sword-swinging visigoth type, but the traditional “kick shit over and have a good time” variety.

So, they put up a motion-activated, night-vision game camera.

They did not catch the vandals.

Instead, the camera caught an image of a naked man in the cemetery with a camera.

Later, it was discovered the said man was out photographing Orbs.

Why would he need a late-night naked photo-run in the cemetery to capture a photographic mistake?

Well, I bet he was looking for the good ole’ ghost orb.

Would-be ghostbusters, keep your pants on, and don’t cross the streams.